Light Industrial Conveyor

When it comes to the production requirements of the light industry, space utilization is just one of the key success factors. Another one – efficiency – helps to lower the costs and reduce the footprint. The demand for equipment that meets those needs is perfectly covered by the Interroll Light Industrial Conveyor. This cost-efficient, easy-to-handle solution is based on a simple construction with lean design. There is no time-consuming assembly or belt tensioning required, thanks to the clever design. The belt is already tensioned and tracked and the conveyor is run in before delivery. This makes on-site installation very quick and easy. The lean construction of the conveyor without protruding external parts – like a gear motor, for example – is enabled by compact Interroll drum motors, allowing for more effective use of the additional space. The unique quick tension release makes changing belts very easy, even without special skills. The Interroll Light Industrial Conveyor is based on the patented Interroll technology.

General technical data

Load capacity

Standard: 0 to 50 kg

Belt speed

Standard: 0.11 to 0.34 m/s
others upon request

Min. ratio length/width

For other requirements, please contact your Interroll customer consultant.

Ambient temperature

+10 to +40 °C

Drum Motor drive and Idler


1 x 230 V 50 Hz, 3 x 230 V 50 Hz, 3 x 400 V 50 Hz,
24 V DC

Ø Drive

80 / 113 mm

Ø Idler pulley

Standard: 51 mm (Interroll 1700 idler pulley)



2 mm hot-dip coated galvanized steel

Support legs

2 mm hot-dip coated galvanized steel


S-profile, 2 mm hot-dip coated galvanized steel

Drum motor

Housing: Surface protection
End housing and shaft covers: Aluminum

Idler pulley

Housing: zinc-plated; end housing and end caps: Technopolymer

Industrial Light Conveyor (PDF. 393 KB) Download