Series 2600

Application area

Suitable for use with conveyors that are driven via flat belts or drive shaft. As belt pressure wheel suitable for flat belts with 20 to 30 mm width. When used on a drive shaft, the round belt guide wheel takes on the function of a friction shaft. A floating fastening on the profile is used.

Solid installation

The support of both ball bearings is accomplished with a space tube and allows a firm screw connection.

Good running properties

Precision ball bearings of type 6000 2Z and type 688 2Z are used.

Rust-free variant

For use under moist ambient conditions, a version made of stainless steel is available as an alternative. The slide bearings for the round belt guide wheels consist of polyamide.

Reliable belt guides

The running surfaces for the belts feature a spherical shape. It allows the belt to self-center in the guides.